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Group Homes

A group home is usually a single-family dwelling for special populations that need a supervised living environment. Common examples include children and youth in care, individuals with developmental or physical disabilities, individuals recovering from substance abuse, teenaged mothers, or victims of domestic violence.

Our Caregivers are positioned as Primary workers for a Service User within the assigned location. 

  •  This will involve preparing progress reports; presenting information regarding those progress reports; and participating in group meetings.
  • Arrange for medical, dental, and other appointments for the Service User.  
  • Ensure transportation and escorts are available.
  • Where appropriate will design and implement short-term treatment goals in consultation with professionals involved in the support of the Service User under the standards through Quality Assurance Measures.
  • Assist in the development of an Individual Support Plan under the standards through Quality Assurance Measures.
  • Prepare documentation as required by the Ministry of Community and Social Services/Children and Youth Services.
  • Carry out all other assignments as indicated by Management as deemed appropriate
  • Ability to plan and implement activities within the shift at the assigned location.
  •  Ability to communicate clearly with all stakeholders involved with the Service User, within the location; agency, and community.
  •  Have knowledge of abnormal behaviors, interpret the function of those behaviors and implement behavior supports as identified by the management team and/or professionals.
  •  Ability to Solve  problems in crisis situations within the service principles with the Agency
  • Provide leadership and guidance to junior staff as well as Service Users within the location
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